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The Salamander Stride

What is the Salamander Stride?

It’s a Fun Run for the whole school and a fundraiser for the PTA. The Stride is a non-competitive event that encourages physical activity and aligns with the school’s purpose of educating and celebrating the kids. It is also a great community event for students, teachers, and administrators—and, of course, parents, guardians, and family members who are able to support our students.



How will the Salamander Stride raise money for the PTA?

Students will seek pledges from family, friends, and neighbors to achieve their fitness goal—be it a mile or beyond. Our successful Stride fundraising history has enabled us to eliminate the need for other PTA fundraisers, like selling wrapping paper and cookie dough.



How can I make a pledge?

It’s easy to set up a pledge page or make a donation through the PTA website. Follow these steps:

  • Go to to login to or create your account. If you are logging into or registering an account for the first time, or the first time in awhile, make sure to update your student's grade* so their donations go to the proper grade level's tally. 

  • Once you're logged in, click on "My Account"

  • From there you will scroll down to "Fundraising Campaigns" where your student(s) page(s) is linked

  • Feel free to personalize their fundraising page if you'd like

  • Make a donation online and send their page(s) to friends and family to ask for support!

  • You can also record cash/check donations made out to SCES PTA.

Fundraising Page Instructions


 *To update your student's grade click on My Account > scroll to Parent and Student Information > click on Family Information > scroll to bottom of page and click Next Step > verify or change your students grade and classroom teacher information. 

Will all kids participate?   

Yes. This is a school-wide event and every student who is able to stride, roll, walk, or run in the Salamander Stride is encouraged to participate. We know there may be some children whose families and friends are not able to pledge money for the Salamander Stride, and that’s OK — everyone participates in the way they are able. 


The 2023 Salamander Stride will take place Friday, October 20 at the SSIMS track!

Grade Level Run Times:

Fourth Grade 9:35-10:15
Second Grade 11:00-11:40
First Grade 12:15-12:55
Kindergarten 1:10-1:50
Fifth Grade 2:05-2:45
Third Grade 2:50-3:30


How will it work this year?

Grades will go down to the SSIMS track one grade level at a time during their special classes. Each grade will walk down to the track from the playground.

Classes will place water bottles at designated table
Classes will run, walk or jog for 15 minutes
Classes can pick up their water bottles for a water break
Classes take a quick class picture
Classes return to the building
We will have extra water on hand in case anyone runs out but please do your part to “green” the Stride by sending your student with a water bottle from home. 



How can parents/guardians and family members help with the Salamander Stride?  

Families can help by donating and/or pledging their support and asking their relatives, neighbors, and friends to do the same. Parents/guardians may also watch/cheer from the stands and sign up to volunteer.


Volunteers are needed to escort classes, assist on the field and encourage the students as they do their stride, photograph striders in action and as a class, organize classes after their stride so they can return to class, set up and clean up after the event, general logistics the day-of, etc. If you have a passion, we can find a volunteer job for you!  




Getting Started with Membership Toolkit - How to Join the PTA or Add Your Info to the Directory (PDF)

Spirit Week (PDF)  |  Salamander Stride Spirit Week

Fundraising Page Instructions (PDF)  |  Fundraising Page Instructions

Prizes! (PDF)  |  Prizes Webpage

Paper Pledge Form for Cash/Checks (PDF)  |  Pledge Form Webpage 



Updated: 9-30-22



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