Return to In-Person Learning: What We've Done and What We Know

2/18/2021 2:52 pm

Hello SCES Parents!


Things are moving pretty quickly, so we wanted to provide an update on the PTA's involvement in SCES’s return to in-person learning. Questions have been flowing in about what in-person learning will look like, what safety measures are in place, and generally a need for more information. To that end, here's what we've done and what we know:


HVAC Concerns:

The PTA Executive committee sent the attached letter to Seth Adams and Principal Rand to get answers about the HVAC (airborne virus + historically problematic HVAC= health concerns). Principal Rand acknowledged receipt, and they are working on answers.


PTA Providing Supplemental PPE and Instructional Tools:

Principal Rand gave an overview of what MCPS will provide to SCES. The school’s needs are mostly met, but there are a few items that the PTA Board may supplement just in case. Things like extra hand sanitizer dispensers, face shields for teachers, additional webcams, etc. We have some funds available (THANKS TO YOUR INCREDIBLE SUPPORT!) and are pricing it out now.


What in-person learning might look like:

Below is some information we received in conversations with Principal Rand regarding the SCES re-entry plan. This is preliminary information; we're sharing it to be as open and forthcoming about the school reopening as is possible. Additional details will be shared this Sunday.  Please note that the school is reviewing all aspects of this plan and it is subject to change based on student return preference.  

  • Teachers will be in the classroom simultaneously teaching both the virtual students and the students in the classroom. 
  • If there are more students than is safe for one classroom, the class will be split, and half will be with a monitor. 
  • If split, the goal is to rotate students each week between teacher and monitor. The need for a split class may change with small swings in preferences for in-person/virtual.  The school is also making sure that this split is workable for the staff involved.
  • The goal is to have all kids stay with their current teacher. 
  • Some staff members may have to work from home. Students of those teachers may be put physically with a monitor or into another class but will be with their virtual class with their current virtual teacher. Again, details are still being worked out.

Send any questions to We are consolidating them now and will send them on Monday in advance of the Town Hall, so the SCES Administration doesn’t get overwhelmed while they work on the plan. As mentioned, Sligo Creek ES is continuously meeting to review all aspects of the plan.  Following Sunday's update, Principal Rand will share any additional information received and answer your questions during the Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 7 PM.



  • Wednesday, Feb. 16th- SCES PTA sent HVAC letter
  • Sunday, Feb. 21st- Principal Rand sends school plan in his Sunday Blast with details on the school plan for return to in-person learning.
  • Monday, Feb. 22nd- PTA submits consolidated questions in preparation to Principal Rand for Town Hall
  • Wednesday, Feb. 24th at 7:00 pm- SCES Town Hall with Principal Rand. Answers to questions provided in advance, additional details/developments, and plan going forward.
  • Friday, Feb 26th- Parents submit decision whether to send their children to in-person learning or remain virtual.
  • Wednesday, March 3rd- PTA General Body Meeting with Principal Rand on updated plan given results of parent decisions.


Thank you,

SCES PTA Executive Committee


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