The AQUATIC Mobile Science Lab Needs You

10/11/2019 8:23 am

Please join your child's class as a chaperone for a field trip on school grounds! The AQUATIC Mobile Science Lab, run by the Maryland Agriculture Education Foundation, will be at SCES the week of October 21-25 and we need one parent chaperone per class. Please consider signing up during our class slot and the slot before or after our class as your time permits.  

Grade 5: THE GULF OIL SPILL: The effect of oil spills can be disastrous to aquatic life, wildlife, agriculture, the economy and recreation. Students use a variety of materials to clean up a simulated oil spill and then draw conclusions as to the most effective clean up material.


Grade 4: CLEAR OR CLOUDY: Many water problems are caused by mismanagement of our water supply. Untreated sewage and wastes are dumped into lakes and rivers contaminating them. Students complete this investigation to determine the best method to clean a polluted water sample.


Grade 3: SUPER SLURPERS: Students examine the absorbency of several household products and then investigate the water holding properties of a commercial agricultural product and a pure chemical. The results of this experiment are related to new developments in the agricultural industry and served as a precursor to the development of disposable diapers.


Grade 2: WHO LIVES IN THE WETLANDS: Animals and plants living in the wetlands are adapted to their environment in many ways. Students are introduced to these plants and animals and then “roll” and “stamp” their own wetland environment.


Grade 1: POPCORN CAPERS: A big book experience followed by a mini-lesson to determine what causes certain objects to sink or float.


Kindergarten: WETLAND CHARM: After a BIG BOOK experience, students discover the animals and plants that make up a wetland habitat as well as the benefits provided by a wetland when they make a “charm” to take with them.



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