SCES COVID-19 Awareness

9/5/2021 11:04 am

The SCES Wellness Committee created a flyer with information on COVID-19 symptoms, testing, quarantines, and vaccines. Lots of useful links and info here, all in one place.
Many thanks to the Wellness Committee for quickly gathering and compiling this information.




The Sligo Creek Elementary School (SCES) community is committed
to working together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to keep
our school open this year. Your family can help make this happen.


Montgomery County requires that all students and staff wear face masks to school.
If you need a well-fitting mask for your child, please contact your teacher or the
school directly (240-740-2800).


Image showing proper mask fit for school


DO NOT send your child to SCES if they
have any of these symptoms:

 - Cough or difficulty breathing
 - Fever of 100.4 or higher
 - Severe headache
 - Sore throat
 - Vomiting or diarrhea
 - New loss of smell or taste

Image depicting COVID-19 Symptoms, including Cough or difficulty breathing  Fever of 100.4 or higher  Sore throat  Vomiting or diarrhea  New loss of smell or taste  Severe headache


If your child has any of the above symptoms or other symptoms associated with
COVID-19, please get them a FREE COVID-19 test at any of these nearby locations:
Montgomery County offers free COVID-19 tests, some less than 3 miles from SCES:

Many pharmacies offer free COVID-19 tests, such as:  or 

MCPS will conduct random testing of students for COVID-19, but only if you provide consent.
It is easy to fill out and submit this form online:

If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please inform SCES immediately (240-740-2800).




If your child comes to school with any of the symptoms mentioned, they will be sent home
and not be able to return to school until they have a negative test, alternate diagnosis, or
complete a 10-day quarantine. During that time, all students in close contact with your
child will be in temporary quarantine while your child is tested or quarantines for 10 days.
According to MCPS, at the elementary level, individual students in isolation or quarantine
will receive live, virtual instruction from a teacher on a separate schedule from their peers;
if an entire class is in quarantine, the teacher will provide virtual instruction for the class.


MCPS will receive rapid tests for every school by the end of next week (Sept. 13-17). The use of these
tests, in conjunction with other safety measures, will help us keep more students in school.




The best way to protect our students is for all eligible family members (12 years and older)
to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

You can receive the FREE vaccine at these nearby locations:

Montgomery County offers free COVID-19 vaccines, some as close as 3 miles
from SCES: 

Safeway (909 Thayer Ave.)

Giant (1280 East-West Highway)

CVS (1290 East-West Highway, 825 Wayne Ave.)

Walgreens (8701 Georgia Ave., 1015 Ripley Street)


For updated information on COVID-19, visit the following helpful websites: 



To free up space on our school buses, and to keep students safely distanced, consider walking or biking to school if possible! 






This flyer was created by the SCES Wellness Committee on Sept. 2, 2021 and last updated Sept. 9, 2021.


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