Drop-off and Pick-up Route for Cars Approaching SCES

1/10/2022 9:56 pm

 -- Reminder not to Use Greenwich Lane to Approach the School--



When arriving by car to drop off or pick up your child(ren) in the Car Circle, please use the following pattern:


From Dale Dr, take Dartmouth Ave *2 blocks to its end* at Windsor St (or take an alternate path to Windsor St if coming from the immediate neighborhood).  Do not turn right on Greenwich Ln.  NOTE: Turning on Schuyler Rd from Dale Dr is for buses only.


Turn right on Windsor St and go 1 block to its end at Schuyler Rd.


Turn right on Schuyler Rd and proceed 1+ block to the left turn into the Car Circle.


Please pull around as far into the Car Circle as you can (the first car in line should be at the end of the sidewalk before the admin parking spaces), drop off/pick up your child(ren) and wait until the cars in front move before following them out. Cars pulling out, out of order have been a cause of fender benders, in addition to being less safe for pedestrians. If you must due to an extended delay for the car in front, please exercise great care.


Turn right on Schuyler Rd (no left turn from the Car Circle).


Turn left on Greenwich Ln.


Turn left on Dartmouth Ave to return to Dale Dr. This ensures that there is no backup on Dale Dr approaching Dartmouth Ave -- this needs to be clear for thru traffic. It also ensures that Greenwich Ln remains clear for use by staff to access the lower parking lot in the morning; Greenwich is narrow, and cars queueing down that hill instead of approaching via Windsor/Schuyler can interfere with the vehicles exiting from Car Circle, creating a jam.


Please also do not use the lower lot to park and walk your child(ren) to the entrance or to drop them off. This creates a hazard for children walking up Schuyler Rd as well as creating a traffic issue at the Schuyler / Greenwich intersection. If you need to park for this purpose during the normal arrival/dismissal time, please do so either on Dartmouth or elsewhere in the neighborhood, where several parking spots are available that do not interfere with the traffic pattern.


Please respect the stop signs at Greenwich and Dartmouth and Windsor and Dartmouth. Walking families have alerted us that these signs are routinely missed by drivers picking up kids. Please be mindful so we all can be safe! 

Car Circle Pattern 2022

Car Circle Close Up 2022


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