Back-to-School (again!) Flyer for kids

3/8/2021 4:24 pm


What’s happening?
Next Monday, on March 15, some of you will be going to the Sligo Creek school building and classrooms (Hi, Roomies!) and some of you will stay at home and attend school on Zoom (Hi, Zoomies!).


What will it look like to attend school in person?
If you’ve been to school before, it will be different from what you’re used to.
Just a few examples:

  • Desks will be 6 feet apart in each classroom
  • Everyone must wear a mask ALL the time (except lunch)
  • Lots of hand sanitizing stations
  • Water fountains will be off

All of these changes are to keep everyone safe.

I’m nervous about going back to school.

That is a totally normal feeling to have! Grownups, including teachers and parents, are feeling a bit nervous too. It may help for you to talk to a grownup or a friend about how you are feeling. Fill out this worksheet together and start a conversation!


Read about Kolo's return to school here.

Watch a video about in-person school here.

Fill out a worksheet to start a conversation about return-to-school concerns here

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