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SUBJECT: SCES PTA Post Sept. 13-Sept. 17

Week of Sept. 13-Sept. 17

Important Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 14Back to School Night (virtual) Grades K-2
6:30-7:15 PM  
Sept. 14Back to School Night (virtual) Grades 3-5
7:30-8:15 PM
Sept. 15National Hispanic Heritage Month  

Sept. 16Non-instructional day (no school)

Sept. 30School photos

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The PTA Post is online here: https://scespta.membershiptoolkit.com/pta-post-newsletter 

Welcome Back Party THANKS!

Thank you to those who attended our Welcome Back Party on Friday. 

It was a fantastic evening of meeting new friends and reconnecting with many we haven't seen face-to-face in quite some time. 

A special thank you to:

  • Nora Achrati for organizing the food trucks.
  • Money Muscle BBQ, Mangu Delight, and Fred’s Ice Cream for feeding our hungry crowd.
  • Daniel Riker and Grace for their awesome balloon animals and juggling skills.
  • Lisa, Joanna, Benjamin, Eva, Henry, Oliver, June, William, Adrian, Annalise, Cora, Cleo, Colin, and Cecile, our fantastic SSIMS student volunteers who kept the games running smoothly. 
  • Jennifer Meyer, VP of Events and Fundraising, who makes everything wonderful and special!
  • And the many SCES parents who helped set up and clean up for the event.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Students play a giant bowling ball game
Students enjoy the new Gaga ball pit
Image of big red heart
Introducing Our Newest Board Members

The 2021-2022 SCES Board became official on Friday.  

Following an in-person vote, welcome to new board members:  

Laura Lunardi, taking over for Tony Irish as Secretary. 

Thank you Tony, not only for your service as secretary to the PTA, but also for your wisdom, empathy, and constant eye toward equity and justice. We were fortunate to have you on the PTA board and look forward to your contributions as a member.

Laura has two students as Sligo Creek (Luke, 4th grade, and Eric, 1st grade). Laura is a former scientist who now works in science policy and strategic planning for the National Cancer Institute. Married to husband Jonathon, they enjoy outdoor and artistic hobbies. They are also animal lovers and currently have two (really cute!) pet fancy rats. 

Nina Vucenik and Farah Nageer-Kanthor have joined forces as the Co-Vice Presidents of Academics. 

Nina has a 2nd grader, Clara, in the Academy and two sons who graduated from SCES and are now in middle and high school. Nina works in communications for an international development organization. You can usually see Nina and her husband Andy walking Clara to school, accompanied by their basset hound, Butters. 

Farah has two children in the French Immersion program at SCES, Zamir in 5th and Sami in 2nd. She has a background in international development and has spent most of her career providing programmatic, staff, and organizational leadership to nonprofit organizations at the community, national, and international levels. She enjoys cooking/eating/sharing food, volunteering with her family, taking walks, and "planning stuff" (Farah's words). She graciously planned World Culture Day last year and assisted with the oversight of room parents. She and her family live in Wheaton.

To see bios of all currently serving board members, please visit: https://scespta.membershiptoolkit.com/about-the-sces-pta

Image of COVID-19 Virus
COVID-19 Awareness Flyer from the SCES Wellness Committee

The SCES Wellness Committee created a 1-page flyer with information on COVID-19 symptoms, testing, quarantines, and vaccines. 

Lots of useful links and info here, all in one place.  

Spanish Version  |  English Version 


Thanks to the Wellness Committee for quickly gathering and compiling this information.

MCPS continues to update its quarantine guidance in response to parent and community comments and questions. This is a rapidly changing matter, so please read communications from MCPS for the latest updates.


National Hispanic Heritage Month—September 15 to October 15—honors the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. We celebrate our Sligo Creek Elementary School families of Hispanic and Latin American origin this month, and every month.
Call for Room Parents

What is a room parent?
Room parents work closely with teachers to help make a fun and successful school year for everyone. Room parents are especially critical this year as we reconnect and communicate with our families in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

We would like to have 2-3 room parents for each class, so if you are worried about doing it alone, the responsibilities will be shared.

Room parents have the support of:

  • Room Parent Coordinators Alexa Spencer and Jennifer Meyer
  •  A school-wide network of other room parents (last year, we had 51 room parents!) 

Together, room parents:

  •  Share information and resources
  •  Learn from our experienced and new room parents alike
  •  Coordinate efforts within and between grade levels

Our goal is to develop positive relationships with our teachers, and build strong communication and support among our parent community.

Ready to help?
Let your teacher know at Back-to-School night on Tuesday, or via email at any time, that you would like to be a room parent!  If you already agreed to be a room parent and have discussed it with your teacher, please email us so we can add you to our list.

If you’d like to learn more about room parents, have questions, or want to offer your talents, please get in touch.


Jennifer Meyer (Ethan - 3rd grade, Benjamin - 1st grade)

Alexa Spencer (Asher - 4th grade, Ruby - SCES alumna)  


Easy Ways to Support SCES

Sign Up for AmazonSmile:  

1. http://smile.amazon.com

2. Sign in with your Amazon.com credentials.

3. Choose Sligo Creek Elementary School as your charity of choice.

4. Add a bookmark for http://smile.amazon.com to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile.

Turn on AmazonSmile in the Amazon Shopping app:

1. Open the App and find 'Settings' in the main menu.

2. Tap on 'AmazonSmile' and follow the on-screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile in the App.  


Scan Receipts for BOX TOPS  

1. Download the BOX TOP$ for Education App  

2. Select Sligo Creek Elementary School (zip code 20910).  

3. Look for the BOX TOP$ logo when shopping.  

4. Scan your grocery receipts within 14 days of purchasing.


Mabel's Labels  

If you find yourself needing some personalized name labels, please consider supporting this fundraiser, and the PTA will earn 20% from your purchase! Your labels will ship to your house for free. They're great for lunch boxes, backpacks, clothes, shoes -- you name it!  

To purchase, go to campaigns.mabelslabels.com and search for "Sligo Creek ES PTA." 

This fundraiser will run continuously, so it will be there whenever you have a labeling need.


Coca-Cola Give  

Through Coca-Cola Give, you can support SCES by donating your codes. SCES can use donated funds for extra-curricular activities including sports, technology, art and/or school supplies within our school. Search for Sligo Creek Elementary School at https://us.coca-cola.com/give/schools/. Scan code from your phone or enter code manually.  


Harris Teeter  

Let the cashier know during check-out that you’d like to link SCES's account number (# 2010) to your Harris Teeter VIC card OR visit www.harristeeter.com to link your VIC card online. Once the account number (2010) is linked, every time you shop 5% of your Harris Teeter brand purchases will be contributed to our PTA.

AmazonSmile, BoxTops, CocaCola GIVE and Harris Teeter logos
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