Outdoor Classroom Spring Update

4/18/2018 8:43 am

As with any garden, spring is a busy time in the Outdoor Classroom and Kindergarten Courtyard. Through a grant from the Sligo Creek Education Foundation, financial support from the PTA and other organizations, and a lot of volunteer work, the Outdoor Classroom Committee is able to provide a Spring Edible Program to all the classes in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. If you subscribe to the listserve you will have seen calls for volunteer help to assist the classes to plant (lettuce, peas, carrots, radishes) and learn about soil and worms and other curriculum related topics. Later this spring, the children will harvest their vegetables, and then celebrate with a salad party on June 1.


The children love this program – they get really excited as they plant and water their seeds. The most fun moments for parent volunteers is to watch the smile on a Kindergartner's face as she pulls a radish out of the soil, or a second grader find a full grown carrot beneath the green fronds. We are encouraged to bring back the Spring Edible Program year after year after we hear the feedback from teachers and watch the children’s enthusiasm as they garden.


There are many opportunities for our students to dig in the soil this year. The fourth graders are planting sunchokes, green beans and squash as part of their three sisters garden, which they will bequeath to next year’s fourth grade classes. The fourth and fifth grade garden clubs are starting again on April 11, with many projects waiting for them. Ms. Taliani’s class returned to perform their weekly garden maintenance this week. The Kindergarteners can enjoy their fairy gardens and sand box and an increasing number of plants in the Kindergarten Courtyard on a daily basis. The teachers take their students out to the Outdoor Classroom for scavenger hunts, weather observations, measuring pea shoots, or to do their reading in the outdoors. And please mark your calendars for on May 5th we have our yearly Spring Workday in the Outdoor Classroom, when we invite all families to come and help clean up and plant.


If you would like to get involved in making all this possible, please help by volunteering with your child’s class, or contact Laura Farr (laurajill38@gmail.com) or me (monica.nermark@gmail.com) so that you can assist with the planning work.


We would love to have your input and help! Monica Nermark Outdoor Classroom Parent Volunteer Luisa/4th, Sonia/1st

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