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SUBJECT: SCES PTA Post Feb. 8 - 12

Week of Feb. 8-12

Important Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 12No School - Professional Day
Feb. 15No School - Holiday
Feb. 22SCES Antiracism Parent Connection Meeting

This is a weekly e-newsletter compiled by the SCES PTA to share current and upcoming school events and other information important to our school community. Please subscribe directly under your profile on the PTA website and encourage all SCES families to sign up. If you have questions, contact communications@scespta.org.

The PTA Post is online here: https://scespta.membershiptoolkit.com/pta-post-newsletter


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Toward an Antiracist SCES 3rd-5th Grade Student/Parent Survey

The parent-led group, Toward an Anti-Racist Sligo Creek Elementary School, is committed to move our school community along a specific anti-racist continuum. One of the most important early steps is to understand how students and parents in the SCES perceive the climate in the school community.     

We have created surveys for parents as well as for students in grades 3-5. We are asking all parents to help make sure they and their children in grades 3-5 complete the survey. Parent surveys are available in English, Spanish, French, and Amharic. Student surveys are available in English, French, and Spanish.    

We will be collecting data anonymously. Your individual responses will not be shared with the school, or with any other third parties.     

Here are the links to the surveys:  


Password: Sligo20  

Students (Grades 3 to 5):https://american.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0kCF8bO0nvptr01

Password: Sligo20  

If you have any questions, or if you would like to get involved in the anti-racism group, please email toward-antiracist-sces@googlegroups.com.  

Update on School Reopening Plan

On Feb. 9, MCPS will share more information with the Board on the plan for students’ return, including an outline of what parents, students and staff can expect for in-person and virtual learning experiences and a timeline:     


Start Date for the Next School Year  

The 2021/22 school year calendar has not yet been decided. The Board will address the 2021/22 school calendar on March 15, 2021.   

For more details, click here.

Mr. Rand shared an update at the PTA Meeting last week (Feb. 3) regarding preparations Sligo Creek has been making for possible return to school. He mentioned that March 15 is still the target MCPS is using, not March 1 as stated by Gov. Hogan, and that date is also open to change based on metrics. We'll know more following the Feb. 9 Board meeting mentioned above.  

Mr. Rand mentioned that the number of French Immersion (FI) students whose families expressed an interest in having them return to school is higher than academy students (~8-10 students per academy classroom planning to return vs. anywhere from 15-19 kids per FI classroom). The safe numbers per SCES classroom, based on the spacing requirements etc., are ~13-14 kids per room. Thus some FI classes have more students wanting to return than a classroom can contain per COVID safety standards. SCES staff are discussing the potential of an A/B schedule for those classrooms (A kids in one week, B kids in the next).  

Some options under consideration include: 1) Support to virtual. 2) Simultaneous learning. 3) Direct to in person. Availability of current staff, consistency of what can be offered for each option, and the need for part time support in the building are all factors in the decision-making.  

When asked about the status of HVAC and other safety preparations for return to physical school, Mr. Rand responded that they did a walkthrough and would include status in the school's plan to the Director.  

Mr. Rand stated that more information would come soon regarding options and timelines for returning to in-person teaching and learning.

Volunteers Needed

GeoBowl planning committee is working toward holding the popular annual event in May 2021. If anyone wants to join the effort, please email events@scespta.org.


World Culture Day is in the very early stages of planning. We have a committee leader and are looking for additional volunteers to help make an event happen sometime in April. It would be a Zoom based assembly. Email events@scespta.org if you’re interested in helping.


SCES PTA seeks a Teacher Appreciation Committee chair. Contact communications@scespta.org if interested. 


A volunteer spot for a SCES community member to serve on the MCCPTA Gifted Committee is also available. If you have questions, please contact gifted@mccpta.org.


The SCES PTA Bylaws need to be submitted for their three-year renewal by the end of February 2021. Please contact president@scespta.org before Feb. 20 with any comments you may have. 

The proposed bylaws are on our website here: 


Looking for Easy Ways to Support our School?

Several opportunities to earn $ for SCES include the Harris Teeter TIE program https://www.harristeeter.com/tie/school-earnings and Coco Cola Give https://us.coca-cola.com/give/schools/. You can also select Sligo Creek Elementary School as your AmazonSmile (https://smile.amazon.com/) beneficiary and download the BoxTops app to your phone. More information follows:  

Sign Up for AmazonSmile:  

1. http://smile.amazon.com

2. Sign in with your Amazon.com credentials.

3. Choose Sligo Creek Elementary School as your charity of choice.

4. Add a bookmark for http://smile.amazon.com to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile.

Turn on AmazonSmile in the Amazon Shopping app:

1. Open the App and find 'Settings' in the main menu.

2. Tap on 'AmazonSmile' and follow the on-screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile in the App.  


Scan Receipts for BOX TOPS  

1. Download the BOX TOP$ for Education App  

2. Select Sligo Creek Elementary School (zip code 20910) when you register.  

3.  Look for the BOX TOP$ logo when shopping.  

4.  Scan your grocery receipts within 14 days of purchasing (does need to include total -- does not need to include payment information).


Harris Teeter  

Let the cashier know during check-out that you’d like to link SCES's account number (# 2010) to your Harris Teeter VIC card OR visit www.harristeeter.com to link your VIC card online.  Once the account number (2010) is linked, every time you shop during the program, 5% of your Harris Teeter brand purchases will be contributed by Harris Teeter to our PTSA. Eleven families participated last year, earning just under $70 for SCES.  


Coca-Cola Give  

Through Coca-Cola Give, you can support SCES by donating your codes. SCES can use donated funds for extra-curricular activities including sports, technology, art and/or school supplies within our school. Search for Sligo Creek Elementary School at https://us.coca-cola.com/give/schools/. Scan code from your phone or enter code manually.  

Family Needs Survey

Please fill out the survey below indicating any items your children need (clothing, food, school supplies). 

Your responses will be kept 100% confidential and will go straight to Ms. Hegerich, our School Counselor. 

This survey will remain open as long as needed.  


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